Phoenix Magazine: Flagstaff Food Boom: Chef David Smith of Root Public House

by Marilyn Hawkes

Once known for its lumberjack college kids, good skiing and decent drinkin’ scene, Flagstaff is quickly making a name for itself as a foodie town (and we’re not just talking about the phenomenal pizza). Today, we kick off the first in a series of Q & A’s with the personalities behind the chef hats behind the town’s restaurant renaissance we’ll call the “Flag Food Boom.”

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Flagstaff Live: To a T: Root Public House dishes out good food and drink

by Andrew Wisniewski

It’s been roughly a decade since Flagstaff’s “food boom” started to make its way from what once was a far-off vision to the plate. It was right around the time chef Dave Smith arrived from the progressive food scene in Portland, Ore., to partner up with Brix and Criollo who, along with new dining hot spots like Diablo Burger and Tinderbox, were cracking open the door to what Flagstaff dining could and would hopefully be.

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Java Magazine: Flagstaff Foodcation: An Insider’s Guide To Eating, Drinking And Being Chilly

by Justin Lee

Something happened to Flagstaff.

Once a repository for all-too-familiar roadside eateries and any-town franchises catering to unconcerned lowlanders on layover, Flagstaff is now enjoying a very big moment in food. From dining to booze and of-the-moment culinary culture, if you don’t already know—go. It’s an insider’s paradise no more.

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Flagstaff LIVE: A Labor of Love: The difficulties, rewards, and truth about farm-to-table

by Taylor Haynes

Joe Rodger, executive chef at Shift in Flagstaff, delicately twirls thinly cut squash on a pristine white plate. He then disperses peas across the top, along with an oily dressing. Finally, he tops the dish with edible, orange flowers called nasturtium. The plate is artfully done—almost too pretty to be eaten. He explains where each ingredient was sourced, mentioning the peas and nasturtium are from Sweetwater Farm, roughly a 35-minute drive from the door of Shift.

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Ultimate Flag Live Summer Guide 2016: From town to out and back again

by Flag Live Staff

At the beginning of every fall and spring we offer up a student guide for those fresh faces getting acquainted with our wonderful little spot on the map for the first time. Then, earlier this year, we thought: Why not drum something up for the summer folks? The tourists, those who are still somewhat new to town and navigating Flagstaff, longtime residents looking for something different, or otherwise.